Back Office Operations Coordinator

Back Office Operations Coordinator

Mission & Vision Statement
At Clarity, we serve as the bridge between tuition-funded K-12 schools and families seeking to find the best-fit educational environment for their children, regardless of a family’s financial means.
We support access to independent and private K-12 school education by:
Increasing awareness of the availability of financial aid and tuition assistance.
Modernizing a complex and opaque process to make access to financial aid easier and more transparent for both schools and families.
Our vision is to build a suite of tools that make the option of a private school education more approachable and accessible to millions of families. The first step is our transformative financial aid solution that launched in 2022 and has experienced rapid growth to over 800 schools and 125,000 families.

As a Back Office Operations Coordinator, you will help ensure that Clarity’s financial operations are running smoothly and that state, local and federal agency compliance requirements are being met. Specifically, you will:
Manage accounts receivables, including invoicing, payments management, payment customer support, A/R aging, and post-close contract management.  
Manage accounts payable, including contractor payments, vendor payments, managing company reimbursement policy and payroll systems.
Administer employee benefits, including managing the logistics of and vendor coordination for health insurance, retirement benefits and PTO.
Support CFO and accountants with monthly financial reconciliation documentation, annual audit review, and support documentation for state, local, and federal tax filings. 
Oversee day to day administration of compliance with state, local, and federal agencies, including reviewing correspondence from agencies, and assisting with the tracking of state, local, and federal deadlines and compliance requirements. 

Traits of an Ideal Candidate
Is self-sufficient and comfortable being a “behind the scenes” contributor to team success.  
Is process driven and detail oriented. 
Has a growth mindset. 
Is a clear communicator.
Experience with financial statements and financial controls is a plus.
Experience with benefits administration is a plus.  

Compensation and Benefits
Salary range of $65,000 – $72,000
Join a fast-growing company, having gone from 0 to 40 employees in just 24 months with more growth on the horizon.
Embrace a fully remote work environment, granting you the flexibility to work from anywhere.
Generous PTO to ensure a healthy work-life balance.
401k retirement savings plan
Attend company-sponsored events and off-sites.
Company stock options included
Receive a competitive salary that rewards your expertise and contributions.
Enjoy 100% company-sponsored health, medical, and dental insurance.

Full List of Responsibilities
Accounts Receivable
Creating new schools / customers in Invoice Ninja*
Invoice schools for school fees*
Invoice schools for fee vouchers*
Check Earth Class Mail and deposit any inbound checks
Monthly management of Accounts Receivable aging / follow ups with late accounts
Marking payments as paid in Invoice Ninja
Investigating and issuing refunds for application fee requests
Investigating and submitting supporting documentation for contesting chargebacks
Providing documentation for the processing of account receivable, such as W-9s and new vendor registration forms
Contract management post close

Accounts Payable
Paying Contractors via Gusto
Ensure that reimbursements adhere to company policies and follow up with employees to collect receipts and relevant contracts / documentation
Approve reimbursements
Bill paying vendors via Ramp
Managing payroll systems
Calculating and paying commissions (current Drew, Sarah, Jan, Jenny)
General bill paying

Employee Benefits Administration
Administration and management of employee benefits, including coordinating with health insurance and retirement benefit vendors.
Answering logistical questions that employees have about benefits management
Troubleshooting on behalf of employees for benefits management or payroll matters
Managing PTO program

Banking, Accounting and Tax
Work with bookkeeper to answer monthly budget reconciliation questions
Produce monthly statements and source documents for bookkeeper to review
Support bookkeeper, accountant, and CFO with collection of annual tax return and audit materials

Assist in applying for licenses in states in which we conduct business
Assist in ensuring compliance with filing deadlines for state, local, and federal agencies
Reading and responding to mail correspondence from state, local, and federal agencies
Track all of our insurance policies to ensure no lapse in coverage
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