Postgraduate research scholarship

Postgraduate research scholarship

Funded by the Australian government and valued at up to $143,881, the Research Training Program (RTP) scholarship covers tuition fees and provides a living-costs stipend to support outstanding international research students.

How to apply
Commencing students should select the check box to be considered for the RTP scholarship when submitting your postgraduate research degree application. A separate application is not required. However, you must submit your research degree course application before the relevant RTP deadlines.

Submission deadlines
The submission deadline refers to the date a student will need to meet, in order to be considered for an offer round.
New students can be considered for an RTP scholarship by completing the course application by the submission deadline. Current HDR students will need to submit a separate application by the submission deadline.
Current students must refer to the relevant submission deadline to be considered in the upcoming, international round. For example, currently enrolled international students must submit their documents by 21 December 2023 to receive an outcome in February 2024.

If you are a prospective student and have elected to be considered for an RTP scholarship, as part of your application for admission, please ensure you submit and all mandatory documents by the submission deadline. For example, if you wish to receive an RTP scholarship outcome in February 2024 and are commencing in research period 3 or 4 2024, you will need to complete your submission by 21 December 2023. Any submission after 21 December 2023 may result your scholarship application being considered in the next international round in November 2024.
The RTP stipends are valued at $40,109 per annum (2024 rate). The RTP International Scholarship provides a stipend to assist with living costs and overseas health cover as well as tuition fees offsets (i.e. no tuition fees are applicable).
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