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Freelance Recruiter – Trivers

About the job
Attention Freelance Recruiters! Join Our Thriving Community!
Are you a freelance recruiter looking to connect with like-minded professionals, find exciting opportunities, and boost your career?

Today Trivers is changing the way of Recruiting!
We’re thrilled & excited to announce the launch of our brand-new Referral Program. Specifically designed to connect and empower talented freelance recruiters like YOU! Here’s what you can expect:

  • Connect with a powerhouse network: collaborate on exciting projects. Think of it as your instant recruiting dream team!
  • Unlock exclusive opportunities: Get first dibs on curated job postings from top-tier companies
  • Earn attractive rewards: Refer top talent and watch your bank account smile!

We’re empowering generous rewards and incentive plans to help companies find their perfect match while you can generate new income.

  • Level up your skills: Access expert advice, industry trends, and valuable resources to stay ahead of the curve.
    We’re excited to invite you to our vibrant community of freelance recruiters.
    Why join our community?
    It’s free: Membership is completely free and open to all freelance recruiters.
    It’s supportive: We foster a collaborative and inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome to contribute and generate additional income!
    It’s valuable: Get access to resources, opportunities, and connections that can make a real difference in your career.
    Don’t miss out! Join our community today and unlock your full potential as a freelance recruiter.

Who we are targeting?

  • Recruiting professionals with previous working experience in recruiting in different industries.
  • Recruiters who are excited to do something new, recruiting in different ways, and passionate about what they do!
  • You have the capacity to connect top talents with opportunities? Then we welcome you.
  • And sure, if you are excited to have additional income
    Apply Now

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